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My work celebrates joy in everyday life through maps, lettering, character design and storytelling.


My desk is covered in an array of gouache paints, art papers, collage materials and pencils, where sketches and ideas flourish before settling down to create digital work. Creativity runs wild in this space, and I get my best ideas.


Challenges excite me and fuel my work, whether that's reimagining spaces in the form of artistic maps, designing hand lettering, or breathing life into character art. My favourite work is detailed while not being overly fussy, drawing on mid-century influences and modern colour palettes. 


Inspiration comes in many forms, sometimes unexpectedly in the way a shadow, pattern or colour combination appears on a daily nature walk. Other times I seek it out in galleries and am drawn to small objects, travel, cats, country music, history, and geek culture. The main theme I keep returning to is "joy" – finding joy in life's everyday moments, such as a family walk, a silly cat dressed as Spock, and the feeling of listening to a favourite song. I sometimes tackle large issues and look for a hopeful element there too, such as celebrating a profound historical moment. Art can be uplifting and remind us of the fun things in life.

Madeleine Allcock

I graduated in Illustration at Loughborough University in 2011 and worked as a Graphic Designer until 2019 when I became an in-house illustrator for No Ordinary Gift. After a restructuring in 2020, I became a freelancer and a cooperative member of Banbury's Church Lane Gallery. Since then, I've worked on editorial and marketing projects using conceptual and map illustrations.


Currently, I'm developing a series of illustrations on hobbies, and looking for a publisher and/or agent for this. My aim is to compile a book full of collections of what makes people tick – literally, in the case of a clock repair enthusiast. For example, head over to the "work" page and look for the matchbox illustration.


I usually work from my attic studio, bedecked with fairy lights and a beautiful window for natural light, although as I work on the iPad, my workspace is pretty easygoing. I work by the fireside in the winter, and in the summer, I'll head out into the garden. 

Outside of work, I enjoy sewing, reading, and visiting cafes. I live with my partner in North Oxfordshire and our two cats, Mimi and Little Bear.

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