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Draw this in your style challenge: Charly Clements

Draw this in your style challenges (DTIYS for short) are a great way to relax yet step outside your artistic comfort zone at the same time. With some of the decisions already made for you, such as theme, pose and colours, it frees the artist reinterpreting the piece from overthinking, while also challenging them with concepts they may not have thought to draw before. It also challenges your style, as you think about what makes your work different from the original artist.

Charly’s work is amazing, I’m sure you’ve seen it already but if not, do check it out. She’s built up an impressive following and is celebrating with this art challenge.

Illustration by Charly Clements on Instagram

I used Charly's image and colour scheme as a starting point, translating it into my own colour scheme and character design. My characters are more open and friendly than cool and sassy, so I took her sunglasses off and arranged the flowers in the vase. I swapped out patterns for ones I use more often in my work (the stripes for swirls) and made her outfit a little more vintage-inspired. Charly's illustration made me think of meeting up with a good friend for brunch and I wanted to keep that feeling in mine.

I’m really enjoying using more texture in my work. I’d love to know your thoughts on this interpretation of Charly’s iconic piece.


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