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Lettering Project: Gift Card

Hands up if you love a gift card to your favourite shops 🙌 bonus points if they’re small businesses! A gift card gives you permission to treat yourself or just be a little extra.

I love how wild all of the ascenders and descenders are. There is a fun element of play that I love. Also the flower illustration in the back is just lovely.

– Lauren Hom

background mock up by denamorado

Inspired by carefree attitudes to life, victoriana and botanicals. I imagine this would be used in a really posh garden centre.

Which design would you choose? Would you spend it on exotic plants, handmade furnishings, gourmet food, or treat a friend in the jungle café?

background mock up by denamorado

BONUS: As a treat for email subscribers, I've included the colour palette for this project in my latest newsletter. Sign up to play with this palette!

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