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Meet the Mother’s Day card collection

Updated: Jul 15, 2021

Exciting news today – a new Mother’s Day card collection, available via Etsy.

Creating a range of greetings cards for Valentine’s Day in my own style was surreal, as it reminded me of all the collections created while working as an in-house illustrator for the gift industry. It’s nice to work in a single style now and I enjoy printing, cutting, packaging and sending to my customers. It gives my brain a break and it’s fun to interact with people, especially when I can create something that sums up how they feel about a loved one that they can’t quite put into words.

For Mother’s Day I included some designs not specific to the occasion, so can be gifted any time of year to loved ones. I don’t know about you but I love surprise post as knowing someone was thinking of me and picked out something they know I’d like gives me a boost to get through a tough day.

These cards are a virtual embrace, the big hugs we greatly miss from our friends and family.

Illustrated card showing two tabby cats, on a Kraft envelope next to a pink flower
Mother's Day Cat Card

A purrfect card for cat-obsessed mums, or even cat mums!

A simple and sweet card for mums celebrating their first Mother’s Day. Mums are always there with a warm embrace to cheer up little rain clouds, making rainbows together.

And finally, a card for all the magical mums out there. My mum’s creative, generous, and capable of taking on the world. How about yours?

View and shop the whole collection on Etsy.

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